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Meet Tiger Force Pin

Your shortcut to a dynamic workout! Engineered for drop sets, this intelligent pin streamlines your weight adjustments on any exercise machine.

Elevate your training experience

The innovative solution for seamless weight adjustments during drop sets. With its intelligent system, this pin effortlessly releases pressure, allowing you to transition between weights without missing a beat.

Mary U.

I’m a fitness enthusiast, and the Tiger Force Pin is now my go-to gym buddy. The smart system’s smooth transitions between weights keep my muscles engaged, and the time saved during drop sets is invaluable. Highly recommend!

Joshua A.

As a beginner, the Tiger Force Pin simplified my weight training. No more fumbling with adjustments – it’s user-friendly and efficient. A must-have for those starting their fitness

John S.

Tiger Force transformed my workout routine! Its seamless weight adjustments allowed me to maintain momentum, making my sessions more effective. A game-changer.

Philips M.

So cool, exceeded my expectations! the convenience it brings to drop sets is unparalleled.


Unveiling the essentials.

Precision in Design:

Engineered with precision using high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and reliability in every workout.

Universal Fit:

Model B features a 9.5mm road diameter, providing a universal compatibility that seamlessly integrates with a wide range of USA workout machines.